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English III (Juniors)

The main objective of this class is for students to get a complete experience in literature, writing, research and public speaking based on the Common Core Content Standards. Students will work together and individually to gain a better understanding of the different types of literature. In addition, students will be writing essays (both formal and personal), creating class presentations and other projects, reviewing grammar and punctuation rules, and increasing their vocabulary.

Honors English III (Juniors)

Honors English III is a course designed to help students prepare for college through a heavy emphasis on reading, writing, literary analysis and research based on the Common Core Content Standards. With the use of iPads, students will also become proficient in learning 21st century technology skills and in using iPads for educational purposes. Because of the strong focus on reading and writing skills within the curriculum, a writing prompt is required for acceptance into the class. The prompt and rubric will be available on the TCTC website.

English IV (Seniors)

This course focuses on the twelfth grade Common Core Content Standards in Language Arts, using them to promote student literacy and critical thinking. This class focuses on literacy in the traditional sense of reading a variety of texts across genres, while still focusing on new and emerging sources and media. In addition, there is an emphasis on writing in all of its forms, refining

voice by producing everything from research papers to poems and short stories, with special focus placed on the grammar and usage conventions of these forms.

Honors English IV (Seniors)

This course is designed to make students college and career ready through the use of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Students will read different genres of literature and write about and/or respond to what has been read. Students will also listen and learn speech through class lectures and/or discussion and view course related videos and/or presentations. The Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy set forth by the Ohio Department of Education will be covered in this class. Seniors will be expected to have earned the minimum four points in English end-of-course state tests before being admitted into Honors English IV.

Composition-YSU English 1550 (College Credit Plus-Juniors)

The objectives of this course are to make each student a more competent and effective writer, reader, and a better critical thinker. Writing assignments will be from a variety of genres, including compare/contrast, argumentative, narrative and informational. Along with the writing, students will be reading and discussing many thought-provoking texts. In addition, students will be learning methods of planning, composing and revising on the computers and iPads. This course meets all standards in the Common Core as well as those put forth by Youngstown State University. Overall, students will be expected to read and write on the college-level while participating in college ready discourse and assignments in preparation for post-secondary education.

American Literature and Diversity- YSU English 2618 (College Credit Plus-Seniors)

This course is designed to introduce students to writers and works in relation to the diversity of American culture, politics, lifestyles, and social movements. The aim of this course is to help students see that American literature represents American culture in all of its diverse forms, including class, race, and ethnicity. Upon successful completion, students will be able to discuss a wide-ranging body of knowledge about cultural difference through multiple American literary genres, learn tools, strategies, and skills to interpret literary texts, and assess cultural conflicts among minority and majority cultures in the United States by analyzing values, priorities, expectations, more, and rules. An equally important goal is to have fun with the readings, to allow students to enjoy reading.

Note: The two above courses are offered as College Credit Plus courses. If students meet the YSU criteria to apply, including the required ACT score and GPA, they will receive 3 hours of transferable YSU English credit. Please see your guidance counselor for specific admission requirements.

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