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Frequently Asked Questions

If I attend the TCTC, does that mean that I am no longer a student at my home school?
No!  You always remain a student at your home school, too.  You receive your diploma from your home school and attend commencement exercises. 
If I choose to attend TCTC, how will my school day change?
TCTC students spend approximately one half of each day in their chosen program of study where they actively participate in hands-on, real world learning experiences.  The remainder of the day is reserved for three academic subjects and one period for lunch.  All programs, except Nail Technician and EMT Basic Senior Only Programs,  require a two-year commitment, and are available to students entering their junior year of high school.  Qualifying students can also enroll in College Credit Plus courses in English and Math, enabling them to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  College Credit Plus opportunities are free to qualifying students, saving both time and money for post-secondary education!
What academic classes will I take at the TCTC?
TCTC students take English each of the two years they attend and Government for one of the two years.  Students also receive two math credits and one science credit during their two-year program of study.  Math courses range from Integrated Math up through Trig/Pre-calculus and Calculus.  Science courses range from Earth Dynamics up through Physics.  Students, together with their home school counselors, select the math and science levels which best fit their needs.
Does attending the TCTC mean that I can no longer participate in extracurricular activities at my home school?
Absolutely not!  TCTC students are dismissed at 2:05 pm daily, allowing plenty of time for you to return to your home school for extracurricular activities.  TCTC students are involved in varsity sports, music, drama and many other after-school activities at their home schools.
What is the difference between a diploma and a certificate of completion?
A diploma certifies that you have met the graduation requirements of your home school.  The certificate of completion signifies that you have successfully completed two years of a career/technical program with at least a 90% attendance rate.  The certificate of completion becomes part of your Career Passport which you will receive at an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the senior year. 
Can TCTC students attend college after graduation? 
Yes!  The TCTC prepares students to be both college and career ready.  While many of our students go directly into the workforce, TCTC students can and do attend a variety of post-secondary institutions after graduating from their home schools and receiving a TCTC certificate of completion.  These options range from trade and technical schools to two- and four-year colleges.  The higher levels of math and science now offered at the TCTC make this transition easier than ever before. 
Is there anything I can do now to prepare to attend the TCTC next year?
Yes!  Work on your attendance first and foremost.  In order to earn a certificate of completion, students must have a 90% attendance rate while here.  Now is a good time to start!  Also, for some of our programs which lead to state licensure 
(Cosmetology for example), your attendance this year will be a factor considered when your application is reviewed. Additionally, since you have to show you are ready to graduate by earning a series of points, do your best during end-of-course assessments.   Health Science, Biotechnology, Exercise Science, and Cosmetology applicants must earn a proficient score under the graduation points system (3 points) on the end-of-course science exam to be enrolled at TCTC.
What do I do if I am behind in credits toward graduation?
Since there are limited opportunities to make up credits once a student is at the TCTC, we do not accept students who are more than two credits deficient.  You need to speak with your home school counselor now to plan how you will make up these credits in order to be able to attend next year.  This may involve summer school, correspondence school and/or tutoring.
Do I have to attend the TCTC for a full day?
Some of our TCTC home schools permit students to attend the TCTC for a career/technical program and then return to the home school for academic classes.  You must check with your home school guidance counselor or principal to determine if your home school permits this option.  A few of our programs, however, do not allow for students to attend for only one half of the day.  These programs are Cosmetology, Restaurant Services, Hospitality Services, Community Co-op and Marketing Education.  This is because of the hours required for state licensure as well as to allow students to participate in customer service activities.  All other programs are open to students wishing to attend only one half of the day.
What do I do if I change my mind about the TCTC or one of its programs in the fall?
Our home schools and the TCTC ask that you attend the TCTC for the first two weeks of school.  If you wish, you may return to your home school at the conclusion of those two weeks.  If you think you have chosen the wrong program, simply see your TCTC Guidance Counselor after the first few days of school.  He/she will arrange for you to visit other programs.  You may change programs only within the first week of school due to curriculum and scheduling demands.  Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you have made an informed choice.
Does it cost any money to attend the TCTC?
While there are no tuition charges for any students attending the TCTC, there are fees associated with most of the programs.  Some examples of these fees are for tools, uniforms and dues for student organizations.  All tools and uniforms purchased, however, remain the property of the student for his/her use after completion of the program.  In addition, financial aid is available to students who qualify by virtue of good grades and attendance at the TCTC.
My parents have questions about the TCTC.  How can they find answers?
Ask your parents or guardians to call the TCTC guidance office with any questions they may have.  We may be reached at either 330-847-0503 or toll free at 1-866-737-6925, extensions 1005, 1006, 1007, or 1010.  Parents are also welcome to attend the TCTC Open House.  Please visit the TCTC website at for additional information. 

 The TCTC offers 32 full time career/technical programs and 2 senior-only programs representing 13 career fields.  For a complete listing of the programs offered, please visit the TCTC website.




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