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Lakeview/TCTC Student Recognized for Honesty

If character is defined by who you are when no one is looking, Rodney Austin, a senior in Welding at the Trumbull Career & Technical Center passed the test with flying colors.

Shortly before the end of the school year, a student forgot that he had left his wallet on the top of the vending machine.  Rodney noticed the wallet and returned it immediately to the high school office.

The wallet contained $165 in cash, a parent’s credit card, and gift cards to various restaurants as well as personal identification. To say the owner was relieved upon learning of Rodney’s discovery is an understatement. He stated, “This was like the worst day of my life.  I am so grateful that an honest person found my wallet.”

Staff members who are acquainted with Rodney were not surprised to learn of his good deed. He was universally described as a gentleman who relates positively to everyone. Bob Olesky, Welding Instructor, stated, “Rodney is a great kid. He is hard working, conscientious and goes out of his way to help others.”

Jane Miller, English teacher, said, “Rodney is extremely close to his family. He is very grateful to his mother for the support she has given to him.  His long term goal is to find a job in the welding field that will allow him to help his family.  He was a pleasure to have in my classroom because you could always count on him to do the right thing.”

At the TCTC Completer Ceremony, honor students were permitted to wear their honor chords during the processional.  Although Rodney Austin did not have chords to display, no one could say that he did not walk with honor. The TCTC is proud to call Rodney one of our own.