Getting Academically Prepared

Why might I want GAP classes?

  • Improve test scores to enter further education and training

  • Advance in my career – to get a job or get a better job

GAP Requirements

  • Must be 19 years of age

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED®

  • Must have a minimum TABE test in Reading of EFL 3

  • Must attend orientation/registration session

  • Must have demonstrated some degree of interest and intent in pursuing post-secondary or workforce training.

  • Must be able to attend classes regularly until the goal is met

How long is the GAP class?

This is different for everyone. You come with a goal in mind. Each goal is viewed individually and a plan is put into place for you based on your TABE test scores.

What can you expect from your GAP class?

  • We will help you improve your basic skills in reading, math, and language

  • We will assist you in reaching your educational goals

  • You will receive one-on-one, independent study, and small group instruction

  • You will be treated with respect at all times

We know that you might want an education that is practical and useful. As an adult learner, you are self-directed, goal-oriented, and want to be treated with respect. When you enter the GAP class at the TCTC there are some expectations of you, the student. We ask that you:

  • Make a commitment to your own learning and success with the help of the Aspire staff

  • Take responsibility for your own learning

  • Attend classes regularly

  • Come to class prepared

  • Complete outside assignments

  • Follow all TCTC rules, including not smoking or being intoxicated on the property, not bringing alcohol, drugs, or weapons into the school, and not eating or drinking, except in designated areas