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Students in the Air Force Jr. ROTC program develop leadership skills, investigate military and aviation career options, and participate in physical training. They obtain organizational and managerial skills through competitions with color guard, drill team, and Raider challenge events. Students participate in community service projects, cadet-run events, and trips. Extend your experience through dedicated activities and encampments for JROTC students.

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Air Force Jr. ROTC Veterans Day

Engage, Experience, and Learn

Students in the Air Force Jr. ROTC program learn about aviation history, electronics, science of flight by flying drones and flight simulators, exploration of space, astronomy, life skills, leaderships, management of the cadet corps, and public safety and security.

They also participate in FIRST Robotics, Cyber Patriot Competition, and SkillsUSA, a career and technical student organization, that prepares students for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations.

Discover Career Opportunities

Explore our career tree to learn about the wide variety of professional opportunities that students are prepared for upon program completion or with further education.

  • Entry Level: U.S. Air Force Active Duty or Reserve Trainee, U.S. Military Active Duty or Reserve Trainee, National Guard Trainee

  • Technical Careers: Computer Networking, Aircraft Maintenance, Air Traffic Control, Cyber Security, Special Operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • Professional Careers: Pilot, Nurse, Senior NCO, Accountant, Engineer, Navigator, Research and Development, Human Resources

Air Force Jr. ROTC Career Tree

Earn College Credits and Certifications

Students in the program can earn their AFJROTC Certificate of Training, AFJROTC Certificate of Completion, and enter service with advanced pay grade. Students have no obligation to military service for participating in AFJROTC.

We offer a variety of college credit options for students. View our statewide credit agreements.

  • Adams State College, 26 credits in Leadership

  • University of Colorado, 8 hours in Leadership

  • Kent State University, 6 hours towards B.S. in Aeronautics, Flight Technology Conc.

  • Kent State University, up to 12 credits towards B.S. in Aeronautics, Aviation Management Conc., and Aeronautical Studies Conc.

  • Kent State University, up to 9 credits towards B.S in Aeronautics, Air Traffic Control Conc.

  • Kent State University, up to 6 credits towards B.S. in Aeronautics, Aeronautical Systems Engineering Tech. Conc.

  • Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, up to 7 hours towards Associate Degree

John Miller

Contact Us

Lt. Col John Miller, Program Instructor, 330-847-0503 ext. 1302,

CMSgt Renee Noel, Program Instructor, 330-847-0503 ext. 1302,

Dave Phillips, Program Supervisor, 330-847-0503, ext.

Resources: Website | After School Program | Open House Session Recording

Syllabi: Junior Semester 1 | Junior Semester 2 | Senior Semester 1 | Senior Semester 2