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2022-2023 Course Offerings

Algebra 2
Students will continue to study many of the algebraic concepts and processes covered in Algebra 1 and Geometry. Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be reinforced, as students expand on the material covered in previous courses. Topics covered in this course will include properties of and operations with real and complex numbers, linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions, functions, conic sections, logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions. After successful completion of Algebra 2, students will be prepared for Pre-Calculus or College-Prep Math (based on teacher recommendation). This course is modeled after the traditional Algebra 2 pathway found in the Ohio Learning Standards for Math.

Students need strong pre-requisite skills in algebra and trigonometry. Students will learn about limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of derivatives, and definite integrals. The course will be modeled after Youngstown State University’s Calculus 1 course (1571). Students meeting certain eligibility requirements will have the opportunity to receive dual credit from YSU. Students successfully completing this course will be prepared for a more in-depth mathematical study at the college level.  Calculus is offered as a College Credit Plus course. Students must meet the prerequisites set by YSU to take the course for college credit.. 

College Prep Math
This is a project-based course including, but not limited to, statistics, probability, discrete math, trigonometry and other advanced math topics. This course is designed to introduce students to some advanced math seen in college level math courses. This course can be taken after successful completion of Algebra 2, Math 3 or Pre-Calculus.

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of elementary geometry concepts that will be utilized in other high school and college mathematics courses. This geometry course will serve to strengthen and sharpen students’ analysis and problem-solving skills. Although elements of geometric theory (postulates, theorems and proofs) will be presented in this course, the focus will be on the application of geometric principles, while utilizing algebraic methods. At the end of the course students will be prepared for either Math 3 or Algebra 2 depending on their success in the course. The course follows the traditional pathway for Geometry in the Ohio Learning Standards for Math.

Introductory Statistics
This course is an introduction to statistical thinking and statistical methods.  The emphasis is on statistical literacy, conceptual understanding and active learning in the classroom. First semester will contain topics in a high school statistics and probability course such as an in-depth study of probability, data analysis, and statistics including applying the concept of random variables to generate and interpret probability distributions, transforming data to aid in interpretation and prediction, and testing hypotheses using appropriate statistics. The second semester of the course will follow curriculum set forth through EGCC's MTH128 Statistics. In this course an introduction to statistics is given, including data, graphic representation, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probabilities, types of distribution, sampling, hypothesis, testing and elementary aspects of correlation. Students must meet the prerequisites set by EGCC to take the course for college credit.

Math 3
This course will expand on many of the concepts from Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability that were in an Integrated Math 2. In addition, functions, and trigonometry will be addressed. This course will further prepare students for a more rigorous mathematical progression in high school or college and will provide them with a solid foundation for the mathematics that may occur in their career and in everyday life. This course will also develop a student’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and strengthen situational analysis abilities. At the end of this course the student will be prepared for Math 4 or College Prep Mathematics (with teacher recommendation). Math 3 follows the Integrated Pathway in the Ohio Learning Standards for Math and is an Algebra 2 equivalent.

Math 4
This course continues and expands upon the topics covered in Math 3.  Students will continue to explore topics found in an Algebra 2 and Geometry courses. They will also explore more in-depth trigonometry, probability, data analysis, and modeling. This course will prepare students for college level mathematics topics.

Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
This course is designed as a preparation for a course in Calculus. Topics covered in this course will include the nature of graphs, polynomial and rational functions, trigonometric functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series. At the successful completion of Pre-Calculus students will be ready for college level mathematics, including Calculus 1. The first semester of this course is modeled after YSU’s College Algebra 1510 and second semester YSU’s Trigonometry 1511. This class is offered for high school credit and as a CCP course. Students who qualify may have the opportunity to obtain credit for YSU 1510 and 1511.

Math105 Quantitative Reasoning
This is an Eastern Gateway Community College course. According to EGCC, "This course provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts of mathematics, critical thinking skills in mathematics, and knowledge of basic mathematical procedures. Students will learn numeracy skills, basic mathematical modeling, and a basic understanding of probability and statistics." Prerequisite: MTH070 with a minimum grade of "C" or appropriate score on ACT, SAT, or college placement test.

Math Offerings