2021-2022 Science Course Offerings

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy & Physiology is a college preparatory lab-based class recommended for students who would like to gain an understanding of the body’s structure and function. The units covered are the Organization, Support and Movement, Control Systems, and Maintenance of the Human Body. Prerequisite: Earned a C or better in previous life science course. 

Biology II
Biology II is a lab-based class that engages students in the general principles of life by emphasizing a survey of the kingdoms of life. Prerequisite: Passed a life science course (does not need to be Biology I). 

Chemistry is a college-preparatory, lab-based class which investigates the science of matter and the changes matter undergoes. Topics include atomic structure, kinetic theory, The Periodic Table, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, solutions and acid –base reactions. This introductory chemistry course heavily emphasizes skill-building in laboratory activities. Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra I or equivalent. 

Coordinated Science
Coordinated Science extends information learned during previous physical science courses.  It connects physical science topics to real life situations and applies it in an authentic lab setting. This course will explore: mechanics, properties of matter, heat, sound and light, electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics.  Prerequisite: Passed Algebra 1 or equivalent. 

Earth Dynamics 
This course will concentrate on geologic and environmental principles and how they affect the Earth and the expanse of space. Students should be able to understand and utilize the Periodic chart, plate tectonics, green technology, and weather. This course is designed for students on an IEP who are no longer to be placed in a self-contained class. 

Physics is a college-preparatory, algebra-based course designed for the student who wants to master the concepts of motion, energy, electricity, momentum, light, sound, heat, and fluids. Laboratory work will be included to provide reinforcement to classroom instruction. Students should be able to solve problems independently and be able to apply the concepts learned in class to laboratory exercises. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II (Trig. or Pre-Calculus preferred). 

Zoology is a college-preparatory lab based class that engages students in the general principles of life by emphasizing the animal kingdom, anatomy, physiology, and veterinary terminology. Students will study all the phyla of the Animal Kingdom and mammalian anatomy and learn veterinary terminology. Prerequisite: Earned a C or better in previous life science course. 

*All TCTC science courses meet the advanced science course requirement.