Dental Health Day Volunteers

Warren, OH – (March 12, 2021) Today, the Trumbull Career and Technical Center (TCTC) held a dental health day where TCTC students received a dental exam, cleaning, and X-rays, during the school day. The free services were provided by dentists Dr. Sheth and Dr. Walton and dental hygienists Carol Burns, Pam Furillo, and Stephanie Gilligan.

The services were open to TCTC’s junior and senior students, and the school prioritized services for students without dental coverage. In addition to the services provided to students that could benefit from an appointment, dental health day allowed students in TCTC’s dental assisting program the opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on learning experiences under the supervision of the dental professionals. The students assisted the dentists and hygienists in performing a wide range of dental procedures including preparing patients, sterilizing instruments and stations, taking X-rays, and preparing materials for each exam to assist the dentist.

“I was thrilled to contribute to TCTC’s dental health day. Today, we were able to provide dental services to nearly 20 students. We also had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the dental assisting students,” said Dr. Walton. “This was a great way for them to obtain real-world learning experiences and I was glad to be a part of it.”

Students in the dental assisting program learn medical and dental terminology, anatomy and physiology, office procedures, and dental radiography. Students obtain regular hands-on learning experiences where they practice taking impressions and X-rays. The program allows students to earn their CPR/First Aid Certification, Ohio Dental Radiography Certification, and their Dental Assistant Certification (CODA). Students work under the guidance of program instructor Mrs. Jill Woods, who has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry. Mrs. Woods has been teaching the program at TCTC since it began in 2017, where she played a critical role in defining the curriculum.

“We are entirely grateful for the time that Dr. Sheth, Dr. Walton, and the hygienists provided our students today. It’s the relationships that we have within our community that enables wonderful learning opportunities in career and technical education,” said TCTC program supervisor Paula Baco. “These dental professionals understand the importance of providing our students with experiences that will prepare them for the workforce. We’re so appreciative of their time and contribution to educating our dental students.”